Game Summary

Plenty of Strikes APR 23
Apr 23, 2024

Game Leaderboard

Game Leaderboard
Rank Team Members Score
1 Pinatrators 129
2 Rowdy Roller 122
3 Big Pim Pim 116
4 Gutter Snipes 113
5 Split Happens 108
T6 Balls Mafia 104
T6 Bye 104
T8 Smokin' Bowlz 103
T8 Britney spares 103
10 Marky Mark and the Funky ... 99
11 We Don’t Give A Split 98
12 Gutter Dusters 91
13 T-Roy 66

Game Leaderboard Chart

Game Leaderboard Chart

Team Stats

Team Stats
Answer Speed
Quickest: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Slowest: Smokin' Bowlz
Correct Answers
Most: Pinatrators
Least: T-Roy
Top Prize
$20 Gift Card plus Extra Point in the Standings

Team Stats Chart

Team Stats Chart

Notable Questions

Question Stats
Total: 40
All Correct: 13
None Correct: 0
Easiest Question
Answered correctly by 13 teams
Question: The knot most commonly used to tie a necktie is known by what name, after another name for King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom?
Answer: Windsor
Submitted Answers:
Hardest Question
Answered correctly by 1 team
Question: The Horror Writers Association gives out annual awards named for what writer of gothic horror?
Answer: Bram Stoker
Submitted Answers:
Edgar Allan Poe
Mary Shelley
Stephen King
Bram Stoker
Most Answer Variety
Question: "Save Tonight" was the lead single from the 1997 album 'Desireless,' released by what Swedish singer/songwriter?
Answer: Eagle-Eye Cherry
Submitted Answers:
Tove Lo
Eagle-Eye Cherry

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